"The following is an excerpt from Section 14 of “A Homeowner’s Guide to Natural Stone Countertop Installation” published by The Marble Institute of America is an integral part of this warranty:

Fissures occur naturally in many stone types.  A fissure is defined by the American Geological Institute as “an extensive crack, break, or fracture in the rock, which may contain mineral-bearing material.”  The term “fissure” is used commercially in the stone industry to describe a visible separation along inter crystalline boundaries or the voids between mineral crystals.  This separation may start and stop within the field of the stone or extend through an edge.  A fissure differs from a crack in that it is a naturally occurring feature in the stone.

Cracks occur in stones as a result of mechanically induced stresses during handling, fabrication, transport, or installation.  When cracks are detected in slab material prior to fabrication, the best method is to simply avoid them during the layout process.  In stones with lesser soundness properties, this option may not be possible.  When working with such stones it is common practice to repair cracks by cementing them together with epoxy or polyester resin.  (Repaired cracks are not indicative of defective product or workmanship, and are specifically not covered under this warranty).

Chips can occur in stones either as a result of sawing operations or handling.  Chips may be repaired with epoxy or polyester resin if the completed repair is consistent in color and texture with unrepaired areas of the slab.

Pitting of the countertop surface, particularly in granite, is a common characteristic of natural stones.  Granites are made up of several different minerals, each mineral having a different hardness.  Granites contain quartz, feldspars, biotite, amphibole, ferrous titanium oxides, and other minerals.  On the Mohs Scale, diamonds are the hardest mineral, with a rating of 10.  Quartz and feldspar have a hardness of 6.5 to 7 and are very durable.  Biotite (mica) is very soft (2.5) and flakes easily.  All true granites have biotite in their composition.  Because biotite is soft and flaky, the first few layers are removed during the polishing process, causing pits throughout the slab.  Some granites have more biotite throughout their composition than others.  The higher the biotite content of the stone, the more pits it will have.  Most polished igneous rocks will have varying degrees of pits, depending on the amount of biotite, muscovite, and phlogopite in their composition.  The pits do not make the granite less durable or otherwise inferior. Pits are common in all granites and should be expected.




Vivaldi Lifestyle hereby warrants the countertop installation against defective workmanship such as: seams,

caulking, sink mounting for a period of 1 year (one year) from the date of installation to the original purchaser. Should it be determined that the counter has failed due to workmanship, Vivaldi Lifestyles will repair or replace the countertop (at Vivaldi Lifestyles’ discretion) w/same or like material.

This warranty is solely limited to the repair or replacement of countertops installed in the original location.



This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, such as & not limited to scratches, chips, or damage (cracks, patina, etching, etc.) due exposure to excessive heat/cold, chemical, or physical abuse such as excessive force/weight. Natural characteristics in the stone which include but are not limited to, color variations, natural surface marks, fissures, veining, or water lines in the stone.


This warranty does not cover any exterior installation, elements outside of Vivaldi Lifestyles’ control (including but not limited to: house settlement, cabinet/material defects, snow, rain, hail, heat, fire, flood, tornado, &/or acts of God). This does not warranty any workmanship by others or if repairs have been attempted by others.

This warranty is exclusively for workmanship performed by trained Vivaldi Lifestyles employees.


There are no material or manufacturer warranty on ANY natural stone countertops (i.e., marble, granite, quartzite, limestone, soapstone, etc.)

This warranty is separate from all manufacture warranties which may come with items purchased (ex. sinks, faucets, quartz, laminate, solid surface, &/or other materials)

This warranty does not cover countertop material which is sold “as-Is” (including, but not limited to: any materials sold/accepted with imperfections, minor scratches, chips, surface blemishes, etc.)


This warranty shall be null and void unless the product and the installation have been paid in full. "