Our Customers Matter

We value good relationships with all of our customers, and we believe that great customer service, clear communication, and a friendly atmosphere is the best way to maintain these relationships. Our customer testimonials are reflective of the how we run our business.

I recently bought countertop materials from Vivaldi.   The process of building a custom home has been very challenging.  I wanted to share with you that Ginny provided excellent customer service.   

Ginny is a long-time business contact of Sharon Staley, my decorator.  I contacted Ginny and met her at the showroom.  I explained I wanted to get quartz countertops (because of price and the low maintenance) but told her my dream was to have soapstone countertops, however, I was concerned with the required maintenance. 

She said let me show you a beautiful stone.  She showed me the negresco quartzite, I loved it!    She priced the slabs for me.  The price was twice my countertop budget.  

I met with my decorator and Ginny arranged for us to look at the various options.  We went to the showroom and made additional selections, Ginny was very patient and agreeable. She later met with Sharon and provided a sample.  Concerned about the cost, I wanted my husband to see the stone.  Ginny arranged a time for us.   

I was still concerned with the price, so Sharon and I met again with Ginny.  I decided to buy both the meridian and negresco quartzite slabs and a quartz slab.    

Sharon insisted we pick out the specific slabs.  Ginny set up time for me, Sharon and Sam  (our builders sub-contractor-Sam’s Flooring Gallery), and the warehousemen to look at the various slabs.  We picked and tagged our slabs.

A couple of weeks passed, and Ginny called and asked if I still planned to buy the slabs.  I was shocked, I thought the subcontractor had at least put a deposit down.  I coordinated with the subcontractor and got the process restarted.  I would have been so upset if those slabs had been sold.  I really appreciate her follow up. 

She provided excellent service from my initial inquiry, in decision and purchase.

Please pass along my compliments. 




I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for the work you did on our home last year. I can tell you that your installers were second to none.  Diane and I will definitely recommend you guys as we move forward. We had multiple offers and ended up selling $40K over asking in less than 48 hours. There were lots of comments about the marble in the kitchen, the office and in the laundry room. All the pictures could be a good example for you when you are selling this stuff. 

Ryan P Boyd — Homeowner

It is always a pleasure working with Superior Granite Vivaldi – Houston. With the increase in business from Hurricane Harvey, they have been extremely helpful in handling our request for granite and quartz slabs. Nick is always friendly, helpful, and extends professionalism that ensures satisfaction for both the customer and our sales associates.

KHTT Designs, LLC, — Orange, TX

Vivaldi was recommended to us by our Interior designer for our kitchen. After speaking with Nik about what we were looking for he showed us slabs that would work well with our design. They have a huge range of granite/marbles/quartzite at Vivaldi. Nik is very knowledgeable about the product and was able to show us stones that would work with our kitchen design and colors.   

We selected the Andromeda and used the leathered finish in our remodel and are delighted with it.

Thanks to Kelli at KM Interiors for sending us to Vivaldi and to Nik for his service and assistance. 5 stars! We will definitely use them again for future work.

Jackie Reid — Homeowner

My experience has been wonderful at Vivaldi! Mr. Divyesh showed us around. Not only was he patient with us, he was also knowledgeable! He was able to answer our million plus questions with insight and expert advice. Vivaldi has a huge selection, but the process of narrowing down the selection was easier than I had expected. Prices were very fair.  I really appreciate the time, the patients and the knowledge you showed us! 

Can’t wait to see my counter tops installed!! 
Thank you!

N. Victoria Mattioli — Homeowner

While remodeling my kitchen I went hunting for granite. I was surprised by the warm welcome I received at Vivaldi, and the enthusiastic way that Karnik showed me the wide range of products they have. Also, the prices were great. I didn't buy at that point because it was the first store I visited, but after visiting 2 other places to compare the product and prices, I came back. While the other stores only wanted to work with contractors, Karnik was totally opposite. He focused on my needs, he recommended a contractor to process and install the granite in my kitchen, and the product was great and at a great price. I highly recommend Vivaldi.

Best regards,

Eduardo Garcia — Homeowner

It was a pleasure to work with Mr. Aziz at The Vivaldi Group. He was very helpful and always there to help. We are on our 4th home remodel in which we have bought material from Vivaldi. Aziz has always provided us with the best information on every slab we purchase. His services and kindness will always bring us back to the store. We will continue to shop with The Vivaldi Group, and will always recommend them to our friends, 

Manjeet — Homeowner

Nik and the Vivaldi team were instrumental in helping us select the slabs for our home. Their products were the highest quality and best value compared to other vendors in the area. Their customer service, knowledge, selection, and overall caring attitude/environment made the daunting process pleasurable. There are 100’s of places to purchase slabs in Houston, but I only wanted to work with Vivaldi (and Nik) due to their expertise and exceptional customer service.

Martha Hess — Homeowner